try and top this....

I like to call this my "last name curse" (insert last name) if you know it:-)

I feel extremely guilty.

I made the phone call that set off my boss having a heart attack.

*is cries*
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Disturbing and Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

This video was on tv just now.

It disturbs me greatly to see these little 8 year old girls dressed as sluts bumping and grinding with that little "gangsta"!!!!!!  And what makes me even more disgusted is that there are idiot parents out there who allowed their girls to dress like this.  And the little boy!!!?!?!?! Can you imagine the attitude and mouth on him? Obviously they are doing it for money and fame.  Its not a joke, this is real and its NOT funny.

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just some observations for today

  • its quite pleasant to ride your bike when its raining a little bit
  • I could eat broccoli every day for the rest of my life!
  • Today, I'm just plain exhausted.  I want to curl up and sleep all day on the coffee table with my cat.
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smiling jem

you all know my babyphobia...

Anyone else find this commercial repulsive?

I'd be (pardon the pun)  PISSED to find out that my friend came to my party with his baby...proceeded to change said baby on MY bed and let him spray all over the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also hate the commercial where the kids pull the tail on the pony...and the pony kicks them in the shins.

I DO like the pot cocoon commercial:-)

Whoa!!!  Two posts in one day:-)
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oh a cowboy needs a horse!

So today I was at work...and our store is on a pretty busy stretch of highway.

I was looking out of the window and I saw an honest to goodness COWBOY ride past!  He was on a paint horse, with a fancy saddle and was wearing a long coat and hat to protect him from the rain.  He had a bedroll and a dog sitting on the saddle with him!!!!  I ran to get my camera but he had passed.

It was very surreal to see this guy who looked like he came right out of the old west ambling down the street.  
I wonder where he came from, how long he was riding for and where he was headed.  If I had more guts I would have run out and asked him.  I'm thinking that maybe he's in town for Founder's Day...perhaps an actor of some kind.  Who knows!

At least I wasnt the only one to see him....I'm not crazy:-)  One of my coworkers saw him and two customers also.
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I feel bad about not posting...

I havent posted anything in like 20 some weeks!

Theres been a few interesting things going on.

School is done!  I'm so sick of subbing.  My last assignment was a 1/2 day in a first grade.  I got through it with a renewed belief that I DESPISE 1st grade.  Every school I've been to, the 1st graders were insane!  Maybe its just the 6 and 7 year old child is wacky normally...I dont know.  I dont like that age.

2nd graders are definitely better.  They are still young enough to be excited about what they're learning, but they're old enough not to need you to wipe their noses or tie their shoes.  Kindergarten is fun too.  The kids are so adorable.  They will do anything to please you (most of the time)  And when all else fails, you can give them a blank sheet of paper and let them color you a picture!  Or sit them down and read a good book! the chicken dance.  OH GOD do the little ones like the Chicken Dance!

Anyway.  On Thursday we had a CRAZY telemarketing team call the store at least 20 times.  They told me I had no manners when I hung up on them.  They asked me if I had graduated from high school because I was rude!
I blew a whistle into the phone one time, to see if that would stop them from calling.  We had customers in the store too...but they just laughed at was a crazy situation.  Finally, my boss came back and made them stop!

Today I was getting ready for work.  I was brushing my teeth and noticed this  HUGE black spider crawling on the wall!  I yelled at my brother to try and kill it for me.  He was ready to smash it until I told him that it looked like a jumping spider!  He said "I'm not going to get near that thing!  Its going to jump on my hand, bite me and my hand will wither off!!!!!"  My mom came to our rescue.  She grabbed the vacuum cleaner and had my brother use the attachment hose to suck the spider off of the wall!!! hahahahahahaha!  I have video of this...I should upload it.

My life is exciting...isnt it????

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strange beginnings to 2008

 So its 2008.  The last couple of days have been kind of strange for me.  Not just with things that have been happening...but the way I'm feeling.

My ear is feeling much better but I still can't hear out of it.  I can feel some of the hearing coming back...but it still sucks.  I'm really worried about getting my hearing back.  I'm such a huge music fan, I would hate to not be able to hear!!!  I want to cry thinking about not being able to hear music!  I know that I'm being kind of overdramatic...but music is a huge part of my life and I would become really depressed if I couldn't hear anymore.  My mom had this happen to her in both ears once.  She said it was about a month until she could hear again.  From now on I'm protecting what I have left of my hearing by wearing earplugs every time I can!!!

I went to WalMart yesterday to get some things.  I wandered through the lawn and garden section of the store where they have all of the Christmas stuff.  I was surprised to see that there was quite a few Christmas things left...lights, decorations, garland etc.  And I was the only one in the area at the time.  Over the loudspeaker the song from Donnie Darko was playing...Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels".  I got this really odd feeling as I was walking along the forlorn decorations that no one really wanted, only being able to hear this song through one ear.

Something happens and Im head over heels
I never find out till Im head over heels
Something happens and Im head over heels
Ah dont take my heart
Dont break my heart
Dont throw it away

Then at the checkout line I grabbed one of those re-useable shopping bags they have for $1.  I thought that maybe the cashier would put my 4 items in the re-useable shopping bag...HENCE THE POINT OF THE REUSEABLE BAG!  Nope...she put my items in a plastic bag and the re-useable bag in another plastic bag.  What the hell is the point in selling these bags if the cashier is not going to use them?? Maybe its just some Environmental HOOHAA that I've bought into.  But I have so many of those damn plastic walmart bags.  I'm only one person, I dont' really buy that much when I go to wally world.  So why not use the same bag???  I wonder if any other stores will do the same thing?  Its a good idea for people like me who don't really buy a ton of things at the store.

I went out to a little "club"/bar in town last night with my friend Kim from work. Some of her friends were there too.  Initially I wasn't going to go out at all for New Years.  Last year I didn't do anything because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out so I wasn't up for partying.  This year, my stupid ear has to act up.  Anyway, I went out for a little bit.  But it was kind of sad.  The bar was really loud and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying!  The first band that played was this girl playing acoustic songs from the 90' Cheryl Crow, Third Eye Blind etc.  God, what decade do I live in again?????????  She could have played COOL 90's songs...Radiohead, Nirvana, Pulp..whatever.  But no, damn Cheryl Crow.  I had a long island iced tea...but only drank 1/2 of it because I'm very small and the last time I had one of those I fell asleep on a toilet and sang to "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" in the backseat of my friend's car before falling asleep for the ride home.  

Shall I continue with the rest of my story?  This is the kind of bar where people from age 21-??? go to drink and socialize.  There were a lot of people there I went to high school with.  In particular a girl was there who I used to be friends with for 8 years...from 8th grade up until I was 21.  To make a long story short, she started dating a married man in secret and then when everyone found out she blamed ME and everyone else for her problems.  When we hung out, she would never go to anything in town with me...because she was afraid she was going to "see people she knew."  My goodness, this town is so small, you can't go anywhere without bumping into someone you dont want to see!!!  But now that she has the boyfriend (he has two small kids too!!)  she is EVERYWHERE!!!  
I'm glad she didn't try to talk to me!  After the fight we had, I dont' think she would.

After midnight and a craptacular balloon drop...I felt really wierd.  I couldn't hear the band playing very well and I had this impending feeling of something bad was gonna happen.  I was sickened by all of the people from high school who were there, perfectly content to spend their New Years in a crappy club which is in a town of 2000 people.  UGH.  It just reinforced my wanting to MOVE AWAY!  Hopefully that will happen this year!!!

So around 1230AM, I excused myself, went home, put my eardrops in and went to bed!!!!
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I went to the doctor yesterday...

 I was only in there for about 2 minutes.  The doctor took a look at my ear and told me that because of my ear infection my eardrum had ruptured.  I need to go back in 2 weeks to make sure I can still hear in that ear!!!!
My other ear isn't much better...hearing wise.  I went to a show back in June or July to see an awesome band play...and they are LOUD!  Like Led Zeppelin loud.  I saw them play in a tiny basement, and I stood right next to the speaker.  My ears always ring after a show...but the ringing never really went away in my right ear.  I can still hear but not as good as before that show.  I thought I ruptured my eardrum then.  Now that its actually happened in the other ear, I know I didn't rupture the other one.    I always bring my earplugs to shows now.

So now I feel almost deaf!  Its really painful too.  I've been taking extra strength tylenol to make it through the day. I was bawling like a friggin baby last night...TWICE...because the medicine wore off and I was in so much pain.  Last year at this time I had my widsom teeth out.  Definitely not as painful as this!!!!!!!

Anyway I had to call off work again today.  My equilibrium is all thrown off and I feel like I'm going to throw up because of it.  Plus my ear is leaking and I don't want to run around the shoe store where I work with a tissue hanging out of my ear! hahahaha! Hopefully the medicine will start working soon and I can go back to work on Saturday.  My check is gonna SUCK this week.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday to drop off my prescriptions.  The pharmacist told me to come back in the afternoon, they were really swamped!  So I came back and I forgot to give them my new insurance card so he had to take 20 minutes and run all the information through the computer.  I took a seat and waited.  A lady came in after me...she cleans the store that is next to the shoe store where I work.  The pharmacist told her that her cough medicine would be $16.99...and she  pitched a fit about the price!  When it came my turn to get my prescriptions, my total came to $130!!!!  I wanted to tell that lady off so bad!  What does she have to complain about!     I had to go back home and get my parent's credit card to pay for them!  She wasn't there when I came back.  Then to make things worse, the credit card machine wasn't working correctly!!!  As I was waiting for the guy to fix it, my ear started leaking again and I had to ask the pharmacist for a tissue!  It was so gross!  Finally he got it working and I paid and left!

This has been the worst Christmas I can ever remember.  Hopefully 2008 will be better!!!
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still sick...

now I have an extremely painful ear infection in my left ear.  It hurt so bad I almost started crying!!!  I felt like a wuss.  But then as I was watching TV, it popped and pus started to drain out.  It feels much better and is still draining.  Usually WEBMD makes me paranoid, but it said that Echenacia can help to treat an ear infection.  I'll try that along with another Ibuprofen and a warm washcloth to sooth my poor ear.  I get ear infections A LOT!  But its been a while since I've had one.  I've never had one so painful...or with the pus!  Its gross I know!!!
The day after Christmas I"m calling the Doctor!  Thank God for health insurance.

Tonight my family and I opened some gifts.  Its kind of a tradition for us to open a gift on Christmas Eve.  My Dad got me the 10th Season of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.  The last episode is where they blow up the town to avoid the Noid..I mean avoid having the town taken over by overzealous miners. I've only seen the episode once on TV and it was ages ago. 

Tomorrow is Christmas!!  Yay!  I better get to bed so Santa can come!!  Just to let you know, I have never believed in Santa.  My parents told my brothers and I from an early age that they bought our gifts.  So I was one of those kids who when an adult came up to me and asked me what Santa was going to bring me...I replied quite snobbily, "Santa's not real!!!"  These people must have though I was some kind of BRAT!  OH well...telling ur kid about Santa not being real kinda prevents them from disappointment later my opinion.

Nite all!
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