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still sick...

now I have an extremely painful ear infection in my left ear.  It hurt so bad I almost started crying!!!  I felt like a wuss.  But then as I was watching TV, it popped and pus started to drain out.  It feels much better and is still draining.  Usually WEBMD makes me paranoid, but it said that Echenacia can help to treat an ear infection.  I'll try that along with another Ibuprofen and a warm washcloth to sooth my poor ear.  I get ear infections A LOT!  But its been a while since I've had one.  I've never had one so painful...or with the pus!  Its gross I know!!!
The day after Christmas I"m calling the Doctor!  Thank God for health insurance.

Tonight my family and I opened some gifts.  Its kind of a tradition for us to open a gift on Christmas Eve.  My Dad got me the 10th Season of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.  The last episode is where they blow up the town to avoid the Noid..I mean avoid having the town taken over by overzealous miners. I've only seen the episode once on TV and it was ages ago. 

Tomorrow is Christmas!!  Yay!  I better get to bed so Santa can come!!  Just to let you know, I have never believed in Santa.  My parents told my brothers and I from an early age that they bought our gifts.  So I was one of those kids who when an adult came up to me and asked me what Santa was going to bring me...I replied quite snobbily, "Santa's not real!!!"  These people must have though I was some kind of BRAT!  OH well...telling ur kid about Santa not being real kinda prevents them from disappointment later on...in my opinion.

Nite all!
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