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I went to the doctor yesterday...

 I was only in there for about 2 minutes.  The doctor took a look at my ear and told me that because of my ear infection my eardrum had ruptured.  I need to go back in 2 weeks to make sure I can still hear in that ear!!!!
My other ear isn't much better...hearing wise.  I went to a show back in June or July to see an awesome band play...and they are LOUD!  Like Led Zeppelin loud.  I saw them play in a tiny basement, and I stood right next to the speaker.  My ears always ring after a show...but the ringing never really went away in my right ear.  I can still hear but not as good as before that show.  I thought I ruptured my eardrum then.  Now that its actually happened in the other ear, I know I didn't rupture the other one.    I always bring my earplugs to shows now.

So now I feel almost deaf!  Its really painful too.  I've been taking extra strength tylenol to make it through the day. I was bawling like a friggin baby last night...TWICE...because the medicine wore off and I was in so much pain.  Last year at this time I had my widsom teeth out.  Definitely not as painful as this!!!!!!!

Anyway I had to call off work again today.  My equilibrium is all thrown off and I feel like I'm going to throw up because of it.  Plus my ear is leaking and I don't want to run around the shoe store where I work with a tissue hanging out of my ear! hahahaha! Hopefully the medicine will start working soon and I can go back to work on Saturday.  My check is gonna SUCK this week.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday to drop off my prescriptions.  The pharmacist told me to come back in the afternoon, they were really swamped!  So I came back and I forgot to give them my new insurance card so he had to take 20 minutes and run all the information through the computer.  I took a seat and waited.  A lady came in after me...she cleans the store that is next to the shoe store where I work.  The pharmacist told her that her cough medicine would be $16.99...and she  pitched a fit about the price!  When it came my turn to get my prescriptions, my total came to $130!!!!  I wanted to tell that lady off so bad!  What does she have to complain about!     I had to go back home and get my parent's credit card to pay for them!  She wasn't there when I came back.  Then to make things worse, the credit card machine wasn't working correctly!!!  As I was waiting for the guy to fix it, my ear started leaking again and I had to ask the pharmacist for a tissue!  It was so gross!  Finally he got it working and I paid and left!

This has been the worst Christmas I can ever remember.  Hopefully 2008 will be better!!!
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