January 1st, 2008

strange beginnings to 2008

 So its 2008.  The last couple of days have been kind of strange for me.  Not just with things that have been happening...but the way I'm feeling.

My ear is feeling much better but I still can't hear out of it.  I can feel some of the hearing coming back...but it still sucks.  I'm really worried about getting my hearing back.  I'm such a huge music fan, I would hate to not be able to hear!!!  I want to cry thinking about not being able to hear music!  I know that I'm being kind of overdramatic...but music is a huge part of my life and I would become really depressed if I couldn't hear anymore.  My mom had this happen to her in both ears once.  She said it was about a month until she could hear again.  From now on I'm protecting what I have left of my hearing by wearing earplugs every time I can!!!

I went to WalMart yesterday to get some things.  I wandered through the lawn and garden section of the store where they have all of the Christmas stuff.  I was surprised to see that there was quite a few Christmas things left...lights, decorations, garland etc.  And I was the only one in the area at the time.  Over the loudspeaker the song from Donnie Darko was playing...Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels".  I got this really odd feeling as I was walking along the forlorn decorations that no one really wanted, only being able to hear this song through one ear.

Something happens and Im head over heels
I never find out till Im head over heels
Something happens and Im head over heels
Ah dont take my heart
Dont break my heart
Dont throw it away

Then at the checkout line I grabbed one of those re-useable shopping bags they have for $1.  I thought that maybe the cashier would put my 4 items in the re-useable shopping bag...HENCE THE POINT OF THE REUSEABLE BAG!  Nope...she put my items in a plastic bag and the re-useable bag in another plastic bag.  What the hell is the point in selling these bags if the cashier is not going to use them?? Maybe its just some Environmental HOOHAA that I've bought into.  But I have so many of those damn plastic walmart bags.  I'm only one person, I dont' really buy that much when I go to wally world.  So why not use the same bag???  I wonder if any other stores will do the same thing?  Its a good idea for people like me who don't really buy a ton of things at the store.

I went out to a little "club"/bar in town last night with my friend Kim from work. Some of her friends were there too.  Initially I wasn't going to go out at all for New Years.  Last year I didn't do anything because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out so I wasn't up for partying.  This year, my stupid ear has to act up.  Anyway, I went out for a little bit.  But it was kind of sad.  The bar was really loud and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying!  The first band that played was this girl playing acoustic songs from the 90's...like Cheryl Crow, Third Eye Blind etc.  God, what decade do I live in again?????????  She could have played COOL 90's songs...Radiohead, Nirvana, Pulp..whatever.  But no, damn Cheryl Crow.  I had a long island iced tea...but only drank 1/2 of it because I'm very small and the last time I had one of those I fell asleep on a toilet and sang to "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" in the backseat of my friend's car before falling asleep for the ride home.  

Shall I continue with the rest of my story?  This is the kind of bar where people from age 21-??? go to drink and socialize.  There were a lot of people there I went to high school with.  In particular a girl was there who I used to be friends with for 8 years...from 8th grade up until I was 21.  To make a long story short, she started dating a married man in secret and then when everyone found out she blamed ME and everyone else for her problems.  When we hung out, she would never go to anything in town with me...because she was afraid she was going to "see people she knew."  My goodness, this town is so small, you can't go anywhere without bumping into someone you dont want to see!!!  But now that she has the boyfriend (he has two small kids too!!)  she is EVERYWHERE!!!  
I'm glad she didn't try to talk to me!  After the fight we had, I dont' think she would.

After midnight and a craptacular balloon drop...I felt really wierd.  I couldn't hear the band playing very well and I had this impending feeling of doom...like something bad was gonna happen.  I was sickened by all of the people from high school who were there, perfectly content to spend their New Years in a crappy club which is in a town of 2000 people.  UGH.  It just reinforced my wanting to MOVE AWAY!  Hopefully that will happen this year!!!

So around 1230AM, I excused myself, went home, put my eardrops in and went to bed!!!!
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