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I feel bad about not posting...

I havent posted anything in like 20 some weeks!

Theres been a few interesting things going on.

School is done!  I'm so sick of subbing.  My last assignment was a 1/2 day in a first grade.  I got through it with a renewed belief that I DESPISE 1st grade.  Every school I've been to, the 1st graders were insane!  Maybe its just the 6 and 7 year old child is wacky normally...I dont know.  I dont like that age.

2nd graders are definitely better.  They are still young enough to be excited about what they're learning, but they're old enough not to need you to wipe their noses or tie their shoes.  Kindergarten is fun too.  The kids are so adorable.  They will do anything to please you (most of the time)  And when all else fails, you can give them a blank sheet of paper and let them color you a picture!  Or sit them down and read a good book!  ORRRRRRR...do the chicken dance.  OH GOD do the little ones like the Chicken Dance!

Anyway.  On Thursday we had a CRAZY telemarketing team call the store at least 20 times.  They told me I had no manners when I hung up on them.  They asked me if I had graduated from high school because I was rude!
I blew a whistle into the phone one time, to see if that would stop them from calling.  We had customers in the store too...but they just laughed at me...it was a crazy situation.  Finally, my boss came back and made them stop!

Today I was getting ready for work.  I was brushing my teeth and noticed this  HUGE black spider crawling on the wall!  I yelled at my brother to try and kill it for me.  He was ready to smash it until I told him that it looked like a jumping spider!  He said "I'm not going to get near that thing!  Its going to jump on my hand, bite me and my hand will wither off!!!!!"  My mom came to our rescue.  She grabbed the vacuum cleaner and had my brother use the attachment hose to suck the spider off of the wall!!! hahahahahahaha!  I have video of this...I should upload it.

My life is exciting...isnt it????

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