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oh a cowboy needs a horse!

So today I was at work...and our store is on a pretty busy stretch of highway.

I was looking out of the window and I saw an honest to goodness COWBOY ride past!  He was on a paint horse, with a fancy saddle and was wearing a long coat and hat to protect him from the rain.  He had a bedroll and a dog sitting on the saddle with him!!!!  I ran to get my camera but he had passed.

It was very surreal to see this guy who looked like he came right out of the old west ambling down the street.  
I wonder where he came from, how long he was riding for and where he was headed.  If I had more guts I would have run out and asked him.  I'm thinking that maybe he's in town for Founder's Day...perhaps an actor of some kind.  Who knows!

At least I wasnt the only one to see him....I'm not crazy:-)  One of my coworkers saw him and two customers also.
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