christmas is coming...

This morning at about 4 am I woke up and I was congested! I couldn't breath and my throat was scratchy.  I am a big nerd so I have a bottle of nasal spray next to my bed at all times.  I used it and nearly choked on it...then fell back to sleep.  I woke up again 5 hours later with a splitting sinus headache.  I had so much to do today, but only succeeded in doing some of it due to how I was feeling.  I'm still tired and sick feeling. But I got all of my gift wrapping done for my parents and brother.  I have to wrap my friend Alison's gift.  I got her a touch lamp...her's broke a while ago, and she loved that thing!  I think I found her the exact one!  She's gonna be so excited.  I had to go up to the dollar store and the drug store to find some wrapping paper.  We didn't have too much left at my house.  While up at the store, I saw my co-worker Kim!  She needed bows!  I didn't get her Christmas gift yet.  Last night I was at Walmart and almost bought her the movie, "How to Lose a guy in 10 days".  I didn't know if she had it or not.  I asked her if she had anything with Matthew McConehey in it.  She said no.  I'm the only girl at the store where I work who doesn't think that McConehey is the hottest man alive!!!  There's something about him thats off-putting to me haha.  Can't think of what it is.  Guess he's just not my type!

Tomorrow (Christmas eve...ugh)  I have to make a trip back to walmart and get the movie for her.  I also have to make some spritz cookies for everyone at work.  They are my specialty.  I made some chocolate no bake cookies tonight.  I'll bring some of those to work too.

I was supposed to exchange gifts with my Friend Vickie today...but unfortunately I wasn't feeling very well.  My friend Alison and I usually exchange with her on the same day.  Alison's boyfriend was coming down and they are going to dinner and the movies tonight.  I had to call Vickie and tell her that we would have to get together on Wednesday instead.  She seemed OK with that.  I have to work on Wednesday so the evening will be the only time we'll have to all get together.

Today has been a pretty lazy day.  Tomorrow will be hectic!  Lots of rushing around, getting last minute gifts, making cookies.  Hopefully I'll be able to sleep better tonight.  I think my dehumidifier in my room made the air too dry and now my sinues are acting up.  God I'm a nerd.  I sleep in my parent's basement, I have a dehumidifier, there are cats on my pillowcase and I have a bottle of nasal spray by my bed at all times.  What a catch I am!  hahaha!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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first livejournal blog!!

the bookish virgo has convinced me to start a livejournal!

I think I had one back in maybe sophomore year of college...I dont remember.   I think i made one so I could look at the entries made by this guy in my statistics class.  He had wicked sideburns, thick glasses,  and he always had a CD player with him.  I though he was so cute.  I don't know how I found him on LJ. This was pre-facebook days.  Anyway, I read his journal...dont think there was anything good on it.  So I havent been on since.

But seriously now, I have some wierd things happen to me.  And I really should write them down so I don't forget.  Get ready to hear about my escapades as a substitute teacher.  I had to teach sex ed in high school last week and I met another sub named Mr. Guy.  I also sell shoes.  I am a conosseiur of feet stink.  I know how to measure feet.  A couple of weeks ago I had a mentally retarded man in the store.  He grabbed my hair and started pulling it.  

I also have a little known malady called Sleep Paralysis.  Upon waking from a dream, I hallucinate and become paralyzed.  The other night I dreamed that I saw a UFO outside my window.  I tried to take a picture of it, and it turned into a hamburger and flew over my house!  I woke up and saw an alien/grim reaper type creature waiting by my bed...fortunately I know I"m not I turned on the light and everything was OK.

Anway...this is just some of the crazy crap that happens to me and it might be interesting for you to read!

Adios for now!

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